Abusive comments on photo, ‘Biker Bride’ seeks justice...

Dhaka, Saturday   31 October 2020

Abusive comments on photo, ‘Biker Bride’ seeks justice

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 Published: 04:31 PM, 25 August 2020   Updated: 07:44 PM, 25 August 2020

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

Riding bikes in the wedding program have become a normal thing, however, it is very rare in the case of female bikers. Recently, Farhana Afroze from Jashore came up in the discussion by riding a bike in her ‘Gaye Holud’ program. Many people are making indecent remarks on the issue – which embarrasses the bride!

Not only that, but various slanders are also being spread in Farhana’s name by misrepresenting her Gaye Holud program’s pictures and videos on various social media including YouTube. 

In protest, Farhana posted a status on Facebook’s ‘Voice of Rights’ group on Tuesday where she described her position from the perspective of the lady biker. Her post on that Facebook page was highlighted exactly for the readers of Daily Bangladesh –   

“Everyone stun whenever they see something new and commenting bad or good. I am Farhana Afroze – is currently going viral on Facebook. But did I say to make me viral?” she questioned. “I ride my own bike. I live in Dhaka where boys are always entering the ‘Gaye Holud’ program with bikes…..I can ride a bike as a girl. So. I thought I would enter the show by riding a bike.” 

Now, permission from the police station is required to conduct a marriage program during the coronavirus period and it was no different in my case. I allowed having Holud and wedding program with all the permission, wrote Farhana Afroze. “Everything would be fine…..I wouldn’t have gone viral if I hadn’t gone to the program from the parlor with my bike.”

“Now the fact is – my pictures are posted in groups without permission from me, she also wrote, questioning, “Why did a prominent person Tipu Bhai ‘sk media’ made news? Because I made the entry with bike as a girl? There are many lady bikers are in Bangladesh today.  So, if I enter my Holud program with a bike, some people have so many problems that they not only made indecent posts in the group but also trolls on YouTube. Are these acceptable? He is a very big YouTuber. At least I didn’t expect that.”

Screenshot from Farhana Afroze’s status on Facebook’s ‘Voice of Rights’ group

“I don’t want this kind of harassment to happen to any other girl or lady biker….I don’t know how long I will see this torture with us,” she added. 

Farhana Afroze wrote, “Where our Prime Minister is a woman, Speaker is a woman, the country is run by women, why isn’t society accepting a woman or girl who knows how to ride a bike well? They even commenting bad about her character. How can these be tolerated?” 

“I also have a family, in-laws family. My husband, in-laws family are with me. So, I have no problem. But if there is no problem, should we talk about the girl’s character like this? Everyone gave me a character certificate just looking at the picture of riding a bike? Will, there be any judgment of these?” she added.