Abid was well, no defect in plane...

Dhaka, Wednesday   04 August 2021

Abid was well, no defect in plane

 Staff Correspondent Daily-Bangladesh

 Published: 04:34 PM, 22 April 2018  

US-Bangla Airlines authorities claimed that there was no defect in the BS-211 flight which crashed at Trivuban International Airport in Nepal`s capital Kathmandu. Pilot captain Abid Sultan was also physically and mentally fit.

US-Bangla Air Airlines CEO Imran Asif said this at a press conference held at a hotel in the capital on Sunday.

The CEO said according to Nepal and Bangladesh Civil Aviation there was no technical error in the crashed plane. There is no technical error in the US-Bangla own report. Captain Abid Sultan was also physically and mentally healthy. It is inconsequential to send him away or forcefully send him.

Imran Asif said, sadly, after the accident, some misleading information and photos were published in different media. It has been said that the aircraft was old, the pilot was forced to send it, he was depressed. But this information is not correct.

It is said to press conference, according to international law, a pilot can do duty 14 hours a day daily. According to the rule, he can fly 11 hours. If Abid returned to Dhaka on the day of the accident, his flying hour would be less than 7 hours. His carrier`s total flying hour is about 6 thousand hours.

According to the rules of the International Civil Aviation Organization (AICA), an initial report is to be submitted within one month after an incident. Accordingly, on April 9, the publication of a preliminary report on page 5 of the Nepal Government made the investigation commission formed.

It is said that the control room (Air Traffic Control) communication with the pilot was `normal` before the Dash-8Q400 model was crashed on one side of the runway.

The Commission did not reach any conclusions in the initial report about the exact cause of the delay in the pilot and the tower, due to the fact that the aircraft is in an accident.

According to the initial report, the triangulation runway, taxiway and landing area were suitable for getting the model of the model. Firefighters and rescuers started rescue operations after reaching the aircraft in two minutes after the accident.

US-Bangla CEO Imran Asif, expressing doubts about this part of the report, said, "We know from what we have learned from the local witness and injured air passengers, if the rescuers were actually engaged in two minutes, the number of casualties may have been very low."

Crash Flight Voice Recorder, Flight Data Recorder has been sent to Canada. Analyzed there is a work to find the cause of the accident.

In the history of 34 years On March 12, the plane crash happened in Bangladesh. The US Airbus A320 aircraft landed at Tribhuvan International Airport and crashed. So far 51 people were killed, 26 of whom are Bangladeshi.

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