ATM Shamsuzzaman: At a glance of the most powerful actor...

Dhaka, Monday   01 March 2021

ATM Shamsuzzaman: At a glance of the most powerful actor

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 11:43 AM, 20 February 2021   Updated: 11:43 AM, 20 February 2021

ATM Shamsuzzaman

ATM Shamsuzzaman

Abu Taher Mohammad Shamsuzzaman, also known as ATM Shamsuzzaman, has breathed his last in his Sutrapur residence on Saturday morning (Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raji’un).

He is one of the most powerful actors in Bangladeshi films or dramas. The actor is popular in various branches of art. He was simultaneously an actor, director, storyteller, screenwriter, dialogue writer and storyteller.


Born in 1941 in Dowlatpur, Noakhali, Shamsuzzaman’s father Nuruzzaman was a famous lawyer and also a successful politician. He has done politics with Sher-e-Bangla AK Fazlul Huq. Shamsuzzaman’s mother Nurunnesa Begum. He was the eldest among the eight siblings.


ATM Shamsuzzaman studied in Pogose School of Dhaka, Collegiate School, Lokonath High School of Rajshahi. He passed the Matriculation exam from Mymensingh City Collegiate High School. Then he admitted in Jagannath College.

Film career

ATM Shamsuzzaman entered the film industry in 1961 as an assistant director in director Udayan Chowdhury’s ‘Bishwokanya’. He wrote the story and screenplay for the film ‘Jolchobi’. This was his first story and screenplay. The film was directed by Narayan Ghosh Mita. Actor Farooque made his film debut in his story and screenplay. He has written hundreds of screenplays and short stories in his film career. 

Journey as an actor 

ATM Shamsuzzaman started his film career as a comedian in the beginning. He came to the screen as an actor in 1975. He came to prominence in 1976 by playing the role of an antagonist in filmmaker Amjad Hossain’s ‘Nayanmani’.

Besides ‘Dayi Ke?’, he was seen as a comedian in films like ‘Jalchabi’, ‘Jadur Bashi’, ‘Ramer Sumoti’, ‘Madam Phuli’, ‘Churiwala’, ‘Mon Boshe Na Porar Table E’.

Although he played the role of an antagonist in Narayan Ghosh Mita’s ‘Lathial’, his antagonist acting praised by the audience through the film  ‘Nayanmani’. Besides, he played the role of the antagonist in films such as ‘Oshikkhito’, ‘Golapi Ekhon Train E’, ‘Padma Meghna Jamuna’, ‘Sjhpner Nayok’ and won the hearts of the audience.

Apart from the antagonist, ATM Shamsuzzaman was also good at playing the supporting roles. His notable films are - ‘Ananta Prem’, ‘Dolna’, ‘Ochena’, ‘Molla Barir Bou’, ‘Hazar Bochor Dhore’, ‘Chorabali’, etc.

His film journey started through directing. In 1961, he got the opportunity to work as an assistant director for the film ‘Bishwokanya’ with filmmaker Udayan Chowdhury.  Besides, he also worked as an assistant director to Khan Ataur Rahman, Kazi Zahir, Subhash Dutta. Then in 2009, he directed his first film titled ‘Ebadot’ of the Shabnur-Riaz duo.  


ATM Shamsuzzaman received National Film Award in the Best Actor category in 1987, for the film ‘Dayee Ke?’ directed by Kazi Hayat. He also got Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor category in 2012 for acting in the film ‘Chorabali’ directed by Redoan Rony. He was also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 42nd National Film Awards (2017). 

In 2015, he was awarded the second-highest state award of Bangladesh, the Ekushey Padak, for his special contribution to the arts. In the same year, he was awarded the Dhaka Model Agency Award Lifetime Achievement. ATM Shamsuzzaman also received the Actor Bulbul Ahmed Memorial Medal.

Daily Bangladesh expressed deep greif and sorrow at the death of the country’s great actor ATM Shamsuzzaman.