AC Land in battle ignoring mother, pregnant wife!...

Dhaka, Saturday   04 July 2020

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AC Land in battle ignoring mother, pregnant wife!


 Narsingdi Correspondent

 Published: 07:03 PM, 29 May 2020   Updated: 12:03 AM, 30 May 2020

Narsingdi Sadar AC Land Shah Alam Mia

Narsingdi Sadar AC Land Shah Alam Mia

Narsingdi Sadar AC Land Shah Alam Mia is working dawn to dusk for common people of the country ignoring his own interests. The Upazila administration officer is working in the field to protect the life and livelihood of the unemployed people by ignoring his old mother and a pregnant wife at home.

And after 16 days, his wife is going to give birth a child, at this time the husband should stay by his wife. But the AC Land is spending time in the interest of the common man.

The AC Land is passing his time to maintain social distance, to conduct anti-adulteration mobile court, to control the price of daily necessities, to deliver relief, to a lockdown of coronavirus patients, to hospitalize of patients, to provide food aid, safety assurance and burring the deaths from coronavirus.

AC Land Shah Alam Mia is leaving in the same building with his pregnant wife and old mother but they are not seen or talked to directly. Because he spends most of his time with coronavirus infected patients. That's why he lives in a separate room. His clothes are also kept aside and food is given separately.

His wife Mashruha Jahan Asha said, "My husband is not by my side at this time. I feel bad sometimes but when I thought that he is working for the people of the country at this critical time it doesn’t feel bad anymore. My mother-in-law and I always pray for him so that he can continue to work for people with soundness.

In this regard, Shah Alam said, I am a very ordinary person. I have a weakness for the PM's ideology. The Prime Minister's wish is to build a people-friendly administration. Narsingdi DC and District Magistrate Syeda Farhana Kaunin is strictly implementing the directive. We are trying to implement the 31 points of the Prime Minister, as an employee of the Republic. Till the end of my life, I will try to work for the common people.