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A woman: Dancer to detective

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 Published: 11:15 AM, 19 July 2019  

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The word ‘detective’ has an ultimate thrill and curiosity. There are many reason including childhood dreams. We got the idea of detective after reading these novels and watching movies. But, does detective spend a sensational life in real like a movie or novel? Do detectives really work out of war?

Yes, they do. Almost since the medieval period, almost all the countries of the world have different intelligence agencies. The activities of these detectives are to observe the enemy country or groups as well as conveys secrete information to government high officials. However, many detectives have proved their heroism performing risky jobs. And many have died. Let’s know about some most invincible detectives of the world-


Sidney Reilly

James Bond is the world's most popular detective character. This character is mostly based on the life of detective Sidney Reilly. Although Sidney Reilly was a British citizen, he did not work for Britain only like the movie. He worked as a detective in many countries. Sidney Reilly was expert in disguise and overstated about himself. That is why he was much more successful. For the same reason, there is no more information about his life. But he trafficked information secretly to Britain and the United States about secret weapons, planes, and military from many countries. He was also involved in dealing with the wives of many politician and military officers by utilizing his handsome and strong personality aiming to steal information.

However, the most popular mission of the Sidney Reilly was to try to stop the Bolshevik revolution. Sidney Reilly and some other British intelligence did conspiracy to kill Lenin to stop the socialist revolution in Russia. But their coup failed. Almost all of his colleagues were killed but Sidney Reilly was able to escape with the disguise of the German officer. Later, in 1925 the Russians were able to bring him back to Russia through a sting operation. He was convicted to the trial and was killed in the firing squad.

Mata Hari

Mata Hari is the most horrific and dangerous female detective in the history. Her full name is Margarita Grethuida Zela. No childhood information is available about the Netherlands national. But when World War I began, Mata Hari became Paris's most popular dancer. Many military officers and high profile businessmen, who are fascinated by her beauty and dance expertise, tried to touch her. But she is only concerned about the all high ranked officer and the important people of the war. She was also many important persons’ mistress. But in the war situation, her presence in entire Europe was noticeable.

British detectives started investigating the identity of Mata Hari. They found many things about Mata Hari, in the investigation. As a result, British detectives arrested Mata Hari. They brought her to Britain. At one point of interrogation, Mata Hari introduced herself as a detective of France. But France's detective agency denied her. On the other hand, after searching for Mata Hari, Britain received some radio frequencies. Through these radio frequencies, British intelligence received German encrypted messages. When decoding these messages, British detectives came to know that Mata Hari is a German detective. Later, they also knew that Mata Mata Hari is responsible for the death of about 50 thousand Allied soldiers. In 1917, Mata Hari was sentenced to death in the firing squad.