A thrilling operation by Police: 6 youths rescued from Sundarbans...

Dhaka, Monday   06 July 2020

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A thrilling operation by Police: 6 youths rescued from Sundarbans

 Dhrubo Ekramul daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 11:48 PM, 29 May 2020   Updated: 12:55 AM, 30 May 2020

Rescued teenagers are greeted by Police

Rescued teenagers are greeted by Police

Six friends, Joy, Saimon, Zubair, Mainul, Rahim and Imran decided to visit Sundarbans and unluckily lost in the deep of the forest. Later after a thrilling operation, Bangladesh Police rescued them safely.

A press release from the Police Headquarters on Friday afternoon described the rescue operation. AIG (Media) Sohel Rana has confirmed the information.

All six friends are aged 16-17 years old. They planned to make an adventure for joy in Sundarbans during the Eid holiday. According to their plan May 7, Wednesday at around 10 am they came to visit Dhansagar in the Chandpai range of the Sundarbans.

There are offices of forest rangers in the area adjacent to Dhansagar. Next to it is a small canal. There is a wooden pool to cross the canal. The pool is restricted, only usable for the forest rangers who go to guard the Sundarbans. 

After crossing it, six boys went too deep gradually. While it became afternoon, they heard Adhan of Asar prayer. Then they could realize they should return. 

The way they came, they walked some distance in the opposite direction. Then they lost their way. Instead of coming out, they started going to the depths of the forest. Meanwhile, the afternoon turned into the evening. However, they couldn’t find any way. They got much scared then.

They had three mobile phones with them. But the network was too poor in the deep of the forest. Somehow, they could connect parents and shared that they had been lost. Suddenly, one of that missing group called at National Emergency Service 999 and humbly request to rescue them. The control room immediately connected him with Sharankhola Police Station. Meanwhile, the Naval Police were also informed about the matter.

As soon as they got informed, police started rescue operations. But it is tougher than find the needle in the haystack, even dangerous also. Because they had to track only 6 teenagers from the deep of largest mangrove forest of the world in dark night.

In the meantime, the two phones with the teenagers were shut down due to lack of charge. There was only one mobile phone in operation. The police were maintaining contact with them through that. The police advised the teenagers not to walk in the forest but to sit on the trees. Because there are movement tigers in that part of the Chandpai range of the Sundarbans.

The police members had fully loaded guns to face any danger and moving towards their possible location. It started raining shortly after the rescue operation began. That created a sultry darkness in the forest. The teenagers became more scared in the dark environment. In the meantime, the network of the mobile phone that was with them also went away. 

Meanwhile, the police continued to try to contact them through mobile phones. At one point, the teens got back the phone network, and the police were able to re-establish contact with them. At one point in the conversation, they said, they heard Adhan of Esha Prayer on mosque mike.

But there are two mosques on either side of the locality next to that area of the Sundarbans. So, it was quite easy to locate them through identify which mike’s sound they could hear more clearly. So, they were called over mike from two mosques separately and they respond about the second call. The police team then assumed their position from that hints. But, generally inside the forest sound easily heard within 3-4 kilometers. And in deep night the range increases. So, police took an attempt to go for more 4-5km deep of Sundarbans.  

Walking in the Sundarbans is not easy. Shrubs with the roots of keora, different kinds of thorns, rain, darkness everything made the situation more complicated. This was a thorny journey on a slippery path. For some more hours, the force went deeper of the forest. They asked the lost teens to respond to call what they made through shout while moving in. A few hours later they boys respond from the opposite side. That time the police realized that they had come closer. At 3 am the force found the group of boys.

Adolescents got frightened, hungry and disoriented in such a hostile environment for a long time in the forest. Police carried them to locality alive from a lot of unknown danger. That turned into early morning. The police brought them to the police station to provide first aid and food. Police also greeted them with sweets. After completing legal process in the morning, the police handed over the teenagers to their family members. 

There were tears of joy in the eyes of the family members when they got their children back, they hugged their children. They prayed for the Bangladesh Police and expressed infinite gratitude. 

Joy, one of the teenagers stopped suddenly while leaving the police station. To police, he said “When I got lost in the forest, I repeatedly thought that I would never return to this life. But because of the police, the six of us got new life again. I want to study and become a policeman. This is how I want to stand by people in danger.”

Six of them were lost in the largest mangrove forest of the world, which is the home of hundreds of Tigers and so many wild animals. The forest is too strong and deep that it showed the courage to fight against powerful cyclones like Sidr, Bulbul, and Amphan. Those teenage unexpert boys couldn’t imagine they would get back their normal life without any injury from that unknown danger. Of course, it is like having a new life for them with the help of Bangladesh Police.