A ghostly cursed village

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A ghostly cursed village

 Salahuddin Ahmed daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 11:38 PM, 5 October 2019   Updated: 04:45 PM, 7 October 2019

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The ancient town or any old palace has always been the center of interest for the curious people. How many stories and fictions are embedded in these historic places, who knows? Curious people always wanted to know the actual fact and become thrilled.

Today we will tell you the story of such a city. Jaisalmer is a famous Indian city in Rajasthan. Kuldhara is a village that is not far from Jaisalmer. The village is situated about 17-18 km southwest of Jaisalmer. The village was cursed at one night though it has full of natural resources.

Once Kuldhara was standing on the beauty of the golden sand as like of a wilderness.

The town was built on the basis of 84 small community-based villages. The village was originally established by the Paliwal Brahmins around 1291. At that time Kuldhara was a very prosperous town and living around 1500 people. Despite being a desert area around Rajasthan, Kuldhara had no problem. The weather and nature were a little exceptional at Kuldhara. There was no shortage of grain in this area.

The Paliwal Brahmins were mainly skilled in agriculture. As a result, the area was quite famous for agriculture and business. What was not at Kuldhara! Starting from the ancient temple, various buildings with well-designed still intact.

But suddenly one night the city became depopulated. Rajasthan like in rough areas where it is quite difficult to find suitable places but at Kuldhara there was no shortage of drinking water and nature was also very suitable. So it is very surprising that why it was become terrifying to live in such a suitable place?

One night in 1825, the residents of Kuldhara village just disappeared. It is unknown to all why the inhabitants of the area suddenly left this village, after living in this village for seven centuries!

The legend of Kuldhara

The Paliwals were harassed by the local Samant or the ruler and were paying huge amounts of money in the form of taxes to them. But one fine day, the ruler apparently set his eyes on one of the girls in the community, possibly the Chiefs of the village daughter.  The Paliwals were given no choice in the matter and they had just a day to accept his proposal. Overcome by sorrow and in desperation, the entire community left their homes and hearths behind, cursing the king and escaped in the death of the night.

On a rickety flight of steps inside an abandoned home to reach the terrace and saw the broken remnants of the village. Puddles of water had collected in the narrow lanes reflecting the crumbled ruins.

The village wore a desolated look and had a cursed feel about it. Only a lone temple stood there renovated amidst the ruins.

Is Kuldhara a ghost village?

Many stories floated around. Some say the “chudails” or ghosts walked around at night, haunting the place. Others say that nobody lived here anymore as mysterious deaths have occurred. The silence was not comforting. And then the voice of the old man floated in the air. “No one knew anything about them, some say they came from Pali in Jodhpur, some say they went back to Pali but only their souls now rest in Kuldhara.”

Rajasthan is considered the center of life, culture, and heritage of the whole of India. And one of its villages, Kuldhara, is lost in the abyss. Over the years, the Kuldhara town, which has been developing centuries after centuries has become ghostly in a night. At present, the Government of India has declared it a heritage city.

So what do you think? Is Kuldhara haunted? Would you like to visit the abandoned village?