A Different Journey by Palash Sakal...

Dhaka, Sunday   24 October 2021

A Different Journey by Palash Sakal

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 Published: 07:25 PM, 9 August 2021  

Palash Sakal (right) and Mashrafe Bin Mortaza (right)

Palash Sakal (right) and Mashrafe Bin Mortaza (right)

He took the road, less traveled by! We are talking about Palash Sakal. On one hand, he is taking classes and on the other, he is taking care of the sports ground. No, we are not talking about getting involved with football or cricket in between the classes. We are talking about a sports agent who has developed an educational and skill development platform along with representing cricketers. Through this platform, many young souls have started to dream again with self-confidence. 

Lighting up the way for others, the name of this entrepreneur is Md. Palash Hossain, commonly known as ‘Palash Sakal’. He studied textile engineering but chosen a different path to continue his remarkable journey. He developed himself as a Sports Agent and an Entrepreneur. He established his organization – Powerplay Communications and developed his platform – House of NUBDians. Leaving behind a lucrative job with handsome remuneration, he worked on a different track to fulfill his dreams. In the different track, he had to accept refusal many times but patiently waited for his opportunity.

As well as his goal, his stories are unique and different. Stories of many ups and downs! Palash’s story begins from his maternal uncle’s house in Cumilla city. In the year 2012, he completed his B.Sc. from Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (DUET), Gazipur. After graduation, he started his career in a private organization, but could not settle his mind over there. 

Since childhood, Palash is a dedicated cricket fan. Due to academic responsibilities, he could not become a cricketer; but never lost his passion for cricket. Failed to settle his mind over a regular working life, he decides to write a story of his own, to leave everything and work for cricket! He thinks about how a busy cricketer manages all his/her business at the same time while playing. 

Searching for the answer, Palash finds a phrase – Sports Agent, a rather unknown concept in the sports arena of Bangladesh. He started studying this profession and later decided to start his journey in this profession.

Thus began the story of an incredible journey. Palash proposed a cricketer of the Bangladesh National Cricket Team to represent him as his Sports Agent. Hearing about this new concept, initially, the cricketer falls into confusion but in the end, he decided to accept the proposal. Then, Palash took the bold leap of faith; left his job and established his own Sports Agency – Powerplay Communications. He approached almost all the cricketers. In the beginning, many of them were in confusion but in the end, some of them accepted Palash’s proposal. That was the beginning of a marvelous success story. Palash started the activities of the organization in full swing. 

In the beginning, the number of cricketers under the umbrella of Powerplay Communications was limited but now the scenario is the opposite. Basically, Powerplay establishes communication between cricketers and corporate brands. In other words, it’s the work of a ‘Brand Manager’. Initially, it was a one-man show, but later Palash built a team of his own to work for Powerplay Communications.

For the students, Palash initiated a milestone. He built a platform for the students and alumni of the National University of Bangladesh, namely – House of NUBDians. This is a pioneering platform completely dedicated for the students and alumni of National University; there was no such platform earlier focused on a huge part of students of Bangladesh. Working successfully for educational development, self-development, mental boost up and skill development, this platform celebrated its first anniversary on June 1, 2021.

There are regular online classes on the Facebook page of this platform. Every Sunday and Wednesday there are ‘Job Preparation’ classes. Students from all over Bangladesh are joining the online classes. There are exams held twice a month. Classes are taken by reputed academic personalities and teachers such as Khaled Mahmud sir, Associate Professor, IBA, University of Dhaka. Dedicated to the students and alumni of National University, this pioneer and sole platform received incredible response and appreciation within the first year of operations. Already around 83,000 students have joined this platform. 15 Campus Teams are already established under this platform. The platform already organized Two National Level Competitions. In the first year, there have been 125 online classes that were viewed more than 55,00,000 times.

Md. Palash Hossain, commonly known as ‘Palash Sakal’

The platform arranged 15 Training Sessions focusing on the development of the students and alumni of the National University. Apart from regular classes, there are other activities based on other topics such as – Job Preparation Classes, Job Placement, Motivation from successful personalities. There are regular Quizzes and Exams for the students.

As well as the dreams, the achievements of this young soul are unprecedented! So much achievement just within 29 years! He was a fantastic Debater at his campus. He was the Champion in the Inter-University English Debate in the year 2010. Participating along with students from ‘Textile Engineering and Fashion Design’ from all universities of Bangladesh, he excelled as the First Runner-up in Textile Talent Hunt 2012. Received many other accolades vide his talent and diligence. An enlighten face in the campus whether it is school, college or university.

Recently he is nominated for an award under the ‘Global Creative Leader’ segment by an international organization ‘Global Youth Parliament’. Palash will receive the award in Global Youth Leadership Summit scheduled in Italy by April next year.

Though his academic background is in Textile Engineering and Business, he flourished himself in a different periphery. Does his degree in Textile Engineering waste in vain? Not at all! He is the partner of an organization called – Purple Tree, which produces garments materials for corporate companies. He undeniably proved his excellence in his academic background through this initiative.

A dreamer; a visionary; he dreams of a diverse tomorrow in the arena of sports agencies. He wishes to work beyond the boundaries of Bangladesh. In the deepest corner of his heart, he cherishes dreams of working with global sports superstars like Messi or Ronaldo as a pioneer Bangladeshi.