9,600 tonnes of oranges expected to boon in Rangamati...

Dhaka, Saturday   16 January 2021

9,600 tonnes of oranges expected to boon in Rangamati

 Rangamati Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 02:31 PM, 8 January 2021  

Orange cultivation is becoming popular day by day in Rangamati

Orange cultivation is becoming popular day by day in Rangamati

Mango, jackfruit, pineapple, litchi, grapefruit and other fruits produced in Rangamati are famous all over the country. These fruits are spread across the country by truck every year. Earlier, oranges were produced only in Sajek. Recently, orange cultivation has also increased in other areas of Rangamati. Farmers and agriculture officials are hoping to yield 9,600 tons of oranges this year.

Orange orchards are growing day by day in Rangamati along with other fruits. The farmers said that it is possible to increase the cultivation of oranges with the government’s help. The district agriculture office says orange cultivation has increased over the past few years.

25-23 farmers have started cultivating oranges in Talukdar Para of Shaileshwari in Burighat UP of Naniarchar Upazila since 2007. Orange trees started yielding in 2015. Due to the favorable weather, the yield of oranges has been good this year and there is a lot of demand in the market. Depending on the size, a pair of oranges is now being sold at Tk 40-60.

According to retailers, consumers are more interested in oranges as they are delicious to eat and free of formalin. Prices are a bit high due to the cost of accessories.

The Department of Agricultural Extension has set a target of producing 9,800 tonnes of oranges in Rangamati this year.

Gyan Ranjan Chakma, a garden owner in the Burighat area, said more than 300 trees in his garden have yielded orange this season. So far he has sold oranges worth Tk 3 lakh. He hopes to sell another Tk 3 lakh oranges.

According to the District Agriculture Extension Department, Rangamati has grown oranges on 2,000 acres of land this season. Of these, only 700 acres of land has been cultivated in Naniarchar upazila.