90 whales dead in mass stranding off Australia...

Dhaka, Wednesday   21 October 2020

90 whales dead in mass stranding off Australia

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 Published: 10:48 AM, 22 September 2020  

90 whales dead in mass stranding off Australia

90 whales dead in mass stranding off Australia

At least 90 whales have died and 180 more are still stranded in a remote bay in southern Australia as a "challenging" rescue operation began on Tuesday.

The mass stranding on the west coast of the island was discovered on Monday.

Marine biologists are scrambling to save the remaining pilot whales in a tricky operation likely to take days.

It's unknown what drew the whales to the shore. Whale beachings are common in the region, but one of this size has not been seen in over a decade.

Tasmania last recorded a mass stranding in 2009 involving around 200 whales.

This pilot whale of the marine dolphin species is usually seven meters or 23 feet in length and weighs about three tons.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Whales often come ashore. However, not so many whales are commonly seen together. Marine experts and environmentalists are trying their best to rescue this huge group of whales.

Scientists at Tasmania's Maritime Conservation Program said the whales were divided into three groups. Rescuers arrived Monday night and found the whales.

Whales are often seen flocking to the coasts of Australia and New Zealand. Researchers say they move in groups and have a team leader. The social bond between them is very strong and they follow the path shown by the team leader.

Earlier, in 2018, more than two hundred pilot whales died off the coast of New Zealand.