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Dhaka, Tuesday 22 Jan, 2019

8yrs of Felani murder: family still waits for Justice

Kurigram CorrespondentDaily-Bangladesh.com
Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Today is the eight years of Felani murder who was killed in BSF firing at Fulbari border of Kurigram in 2011.

Milad and Doa Mahfil have been arranged at the South Ramkhana Colonytari of Nageshwari Upazila of Kurigram district on Monday on behalf of the family. Felani’s family members and locals will be present there.

On January 7, 2011, BSF killed her and hang her body on the 947/3 S International pillar in Anantapur Hajitari border of Fulbari upazila. Felani’s family has not yet received justice even after the trial that was set up in the High Court of India. A special court in BSF, acquitted the accused BSF member Amiya Ghosh, in two phases.

Later, in the hope of justice, Felani’s father Nur Islam submitted two writ petitions to the Supreme Court of India, but it is currently under trial.

Felani’s father Nur Islam said, “Without having a justice of the murder of Felani in the Special Court of the BSF, in 2015, the writ petition was filed in India's High Court with the help of the lawyer and human rights group ‘Masum’ of India.”

He also said, “Supreme Court of India accepted the writ, so I hope the justice of murdering my daughter Felani in the Supreme Court of India.”

At the same time, he also demanded compensation for the murder of Felani by the Indian government.

Felani’s mother Jahanara Begum said that Felani was shot dead by BSF like a bird. “But I still did not get the justice for murdering my daughter Fellani.”

She demanded the trial of the BSF member who killed her daughter. “If the killer is hanged, then the soul of my daughter will get peace,” mother Jahanara Begum said.


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