Alexa 81 yrs woman alone in island

Dhaka, Monday   09 December 2019

81 yrs woman alone in island

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 Published: 04:50 PM, 24 February 2019  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Everyone seems to be in the nature. A little island surrounded by the vast water, but how long can you stay in such a place?

Kim Sean Yol, 81, did so. Since 1991, she has been living with her husband for 27 years on the island. Besides, Kim is a Sea-Diver also. She has been Diving under the sea till 2017. She did not do this work for the past two years due to illness.

Kim, the only resident of the island, after her husband died in 2018. The right to the waterside of this island of South Korea, but Japan's

Japan called the island Takeshima but the Koreans said the Dokdo Islands. The island also known as Liancourt Rocks outside world.

Many of the police, sailors, tourists, lighthouse operators came to visit this island. Due to rainstorms, most of the time the island remains isolated from the surrounding world. In the 1970s, there were a number of divers’ families on this island. But due to the weather, the island slowly starts to empty.

Kim's grandson said that it is the place of peace to his grandmother. She loves to stay here.

Kim could catch the fish for quite a while. Kim also wants to make her son and daughter-in-law live on the island. She earns money by selling postal tickets, soap and cuisine to tourists.


This island is located 433 kilometers from Seoul. There is a volcano of about 2300 meters above the sea near the island.

Controversy over the ownership of the island with Japan has been in conflict with South Korea for the past 300 years. But South Korea has built a lighouse on the island.