80% of men are victims of ‘abuse’ by wife: Study...

Dhaka, Monday   18 January 2021

80% of men are victims of ‘abuse’ by wife: Study

 Staff Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 11:34 AM, 9 November 2020  

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80 percent of married men in the country are the victims of ‘mental’ abuse by wives or family members. Many do not want to reveal these in fear of social embarrassment. Recently, a study conducted by Bangladesh Men’s Rights Foundation (BMRF) disclosed the information.

“The victims do not want to reveal their identities for fear of social embarrassment,” ‍said the organization.

Meanwhile, human rights activists also agree that many married men are victims of torture, saying that they often received the news of “men being abused”. However, they demanded legal protection for anyone who was tortured.

Some non-governmental organizations are celebrating International Men’s Day in different countries of the world. Bangladesh Men’s Rights Foundation (BMRF), established in 2016, is celebrating Men’s Day in Bangladesh on November 19 every year. The event will be organized this year as well, said the organization. 

Sheikh Khairul Alam, founder and chairman of the organization, said the organization was launched to provide advice and legal assistance to “abused men”. “The phone calls that were coming to us every day, we realized many men are silently shedding tears,” he said.

“Being ashamed, they can’t talk about torture,” he also said, adding: “If a woman is abused, she can seek justice. Many organizations stand by her. We have formed this organization to support the abused men.”  

Claiming that he himself was a victim of such torture, Sheikh Khairul Alam said, “I went to many human rights organizations as a victim of torture. None of them agreed to stand by the abused men.” 

“We have made this organization out of a lot of compulsion. Now we are assisting the victimized men in the legal battle and advising them. I have also given a memorandum to the President and the Prime Minister to enact a law against male abuse in the National Assembly. I am also running a campaign highlighting the rationale of this law.”

Asked about the organization’s study, Khairul Alam said, “Many even complained of torture by calling from abroad. The problem, however, is that no one wants to make a written complaint. As a result, we do not have any document in this regard.”