7 villages in Chuadanga under lockdown...

Dhaka, Friday   25 June 2021

7 villages in Chuadanga under lockdown

 Chuadanga Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 09:10 PM, 2 June 2021   Updated: 09:32 PM, 2 June 2021

7 villages in Chuadanga under lockdown

7 villages in Chuadanga under lockdown

Coronavirus infection has suddenly increased in the border district of Chuadanga. Most of the victims are from Karpasdanga UP area bordering Damurhuda upazila. The local administration today put 7 villages of the bordering UP under lockdown to avoid further infection. 

Temporary camps have also been set up in the infected areas to collect samples for corona testing. In the past 24 hours, 24 out of 117 samples tested positive for the virus. At the same time, the upazila administration has instructed to close the country's largest hair processing centers for a month.

7 village in Chuadanga under lockdown

On Wednesday afternoon, 7 villages of Karpasdanga UP bordering India in Damurhuda Upazila were brought under lockdown in phases. At that time bamboo and tree trunks were tied to the entrances and exits of the village. Besides, the health department is conducting corona tests on the common people of Harirampur and Shivnagar villages of the UP. Covid-19 rapid antigen test is being conducted at Shivnagar Government Primary School from this morning. During the day-long test, 24 out of 124 people were coming up positive for the virus. 

Karpasdanga UP chairman Khalilur Rahman said the local administration had locked down seven villages in UP for one week due to an increase in corona infections. The villages are Shivnagar, Harirampur, Jahajpota, Munsipur, Kutubpur, Pirpurkulla and Hudapara. No one will be allowed to go out living in these villages until further notice. At the same time, no outsider will be able to enter those villages.

Damurhuda UNO Dilara Rahman said seven villages have been locked down for one week as corona cases are on rise in those areas. At the same time, a temporary camp has been set up in the area, where people from the infected areas can test their samples in the village itself.