6 of a Bangladeshi family found dead in Texas...

Dhaka, Thursday   06 May 2021

6 of a Bangladeshi family found dead in Texas

 US Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 10:56 AM, 6 April 2021   Updated: 02:22 PM, 6 April 2021

Tawhidul Islam (middle) with his family members; Tanvir Tawheed in photo inset; Photo; Collected

Tawhidul Islam (middle) with his family members; Tanvir Tawheed in photo inset; Photo; Collected

US Texas police have recovered the bullet-hit bodies of six Bangladeshis of the same family from a house in Dallas. The incident has caused widespread fear among expatriates across the United States. 

According to Police, the “killings and suicides” may have taken place at some point on Saturday, however, the local residents came to know about the incident on Monday morning. 

Initially, the police believed that the two sons of the family had killed other members and “committed suicide”. However, the main reason behind the incident has not been confirmed yet.

The deceased were identified as – Tawhidul Islam, 54, his wife Irene Islam, 56 three children Tanvir Tawheed, 21, Farbin Tawheed and Farhan Tawheed – 19-year-old twin siblings, and elderly Altafun Nesa, 77, mother of Irene Islam.  

It is learned that Bangladeshi couple Tawhidul Islam and Irene Islam lived in Allen Home in Dallas, Texas. They have two sons and a daughter. Irene Islam’s mother Altafun Nesa came from Bangladesh to stay with her daughter. Although she was supposed to return to the country, she was trapped due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Neighbors gathered in front of the house upon hearing the news of deaths 

The information obtained showed that Tawhidul’s two sons had decided to “commit suicide along with killing the whole family”, said Texas police spokesman Sergeant John Felt. “Those two may commit this murder as per that plan.”

The relative sources say that Farhan Tawheed, a 19-year-old boy, left a suicide note on social media before his death where he referred to himself as “mentally deranged”. Not only that, police say, one of the two brothers recently “bought a gun”.

Farhan wrote on an Instagram post in February – his brother said, “If we can’t fix everything in one year, we will kill ourselves and our families.”

Meanwhile, the suicide note said that their family will be “ashamed” if they commit suicide, for this, it mentioned “killing others to save them from shame and suffering and then they will commit suicide,” reported the US media, citing the police sources.

Shawon Ahsan, an official of the Bangladesh Association of North Texas, rushed to the spot along with several others. “I couldn’t breathe for some time after learning the incident,” he said.

Police surrounded the house

He said he has known the family for about 11 years. Mentioning that the victim Tawhidul Islam was very close to him, he said, “I have always seen him proud of having three children.”

Neighbor Ahmed Hossain said the family moved from New York to Dallas, Texas seven or eight years ago. The family members have been living in the area ever since.

Irene Islam always used to talk about children, said Ahmed Hossain’s wife Shahnaz Hossain, adding: “I can’t imagine that any of her children can do such a thing.”