6 Sunnahs performed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on Eid day...

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6 Sunnahs performed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on Eid day

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 Published: 02:48 PM, 13 May 2021   Updated: 02:52 PM, 13 May 2021

Eid festival; Photo: Collected

Eid festival; Photo: Collected

After a month of fasting, Eid-ul-Fitr comes as a festival of joy. Eid means happy day, a joyous occasion. Eid is celebrated twice a year – Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha. The word ‘Eid-ul-Fitr’ is two Arabic words, which mean festival, joy, happiness, breaking the fast, etc.

After a long month of fasting and worship, the Muslim Ummah breaks its fast on the arrival of the moon in the month of Shawwal and celebrates Eid-ul-Fitr as a special thanksgiving to Allah. On Eid day, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to do six things. Let's find out —

Recite Takbir

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to recite Takbir after sunset on the last day of Ramadan till Eid prayers. The words of Takbir are – “Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar La Illaha Il Allah Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Walilahil Hamd”. It is Sunnah for men to recite Takbir loudly. Women will recite Takbir silently — Musannaf of Ibn Abi Shaybah, 2nd volume, Page 165.


On Eid day, it is Sunnah for men to take a bath, wear nice clothes, apply perfume, get ready and leave for Eidgah. The women will wear a nice dress and rejoice with perfume. It is haraam to be dressed for a show. Regarding this, the Prophet (PBUH) said, “If a person does not have a covering sheet for themselves, their sister should give them extra sheet”. — Mukhtar al-Hadith, Page 441.

Eating dates

It is Sunnah to eat dates before leaving for Eidgah for prayers. Hazrat Anas Ibn Malik (RA) narrates that the beloved Prophet (SAW) used to eat an "odd number of dates" on the morning of Eid-ul-Fitr. — Ad-Durusul Ramadani, Page 185. 

Going to Eidgah

It is Sunnah to walk for Eidgah ground and return through a different way. Hazrat Jabir (RA) narrates: "On Eid Day, Prophet (SAW) used to go to the Eidgah in one way and return home in another way. If there is no fear of violence, it is better for mothers and sisters to go to Eidgah — Fiqh Manhaji, 1st volume, Page 228.

Pay Sadaqatul Fitra

One of the main things to do on Eid-ul-Fitr day is to pay Fitra. It is obligatory to pay Fitra on all men and women, young and old, free and slaves — Bukhari and Muslim.

Exchange Eid greetings

To be hospitable on this day, one must have to give charity. It is better to talk to everyone with a smile. Ibn Nufayl of Hazrat Zubair narrated that the Companions of the Prophet (PBUH) used to say to each other and when they met on the Eid day — “Taqabbalallahu Minna wa Minkum” — Fathul Bari, 2nd volume, Page 446.  

After all, every Muslim should try to spend the Eid-ul-Fitr day through good deeds and laughter. May Allah grant us all the Tawfiq to realize the importance, significance and teachings of Eid-ul-Fitr and act accordingly.