555 acres railway land occupied by influential...

Dhaka, Sunday   26 September 2021

Rajbari Railway Station

555 acres railway land occupied by influential

 Karim Ishaaq, Rajbari daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 12:50 PM, 30 December 2019   Updated: 12:50 PM, 30 December 2019

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The influential people have occupied the railway property worth thousands of crore Tk, in connection with some unscrupulous railway officials in Rajbari, that resulted in occupying 555 acres of railway land as well as 346 staff quarters which are being used as dwelling houses, markets and fish farms.

According to the Railway Department of Rajbari, the total area of railway land in the district is 1703 acres in which 1040 acres are occupied by the railway, 91 acres of land has been dissolved in the river, the district administration is using 15 acres, 2 acres have been leased and the remaining 555 acres are ousted.  Besides, 346 out of the 465 quarters of the railway are occupied by the illegal occupiers.

A local named Badal said, “Rajbari was once known as a railway town. At that time, the railway conditions here were in a fair, but now these are in critical condition. The Railway Staff Quarter has been occupied due to the indifference of the authorities. Some people even are renting these by occupying government quarters. Some have again made these quarters suitable for drugs as well as the railway wagons are being wasted in the open places day by day.”

Azizul Hassan Khoka, general secretary of the Udichi Shilpi Gosthi of Rajbari, said, “Once the passengers were used to go Sealdah from Rajbariby trains but now this railway route is almost in dead condition. Moreover, the three divisions Dhaka – Rajshahi and Khulna could be easily accessed from Rajbari which is no longer now. Now though there have passengers the quality services are not being gotten, even often none are found to check the tickets.” 

Ali Akbar Fakir, who lives in the Railway Quarter in the New Colony area of the town, said, “My grandfather once worked in the railway and for that reason, I received this quarter. This quarter has now become uninhabitable, so I make a good house near the quarter and living in it. However, the land has not been leased from the railway.” 

G.M. Sajjadul Islam, in-charge of Railway Real Estate of the field no. 15 Kachari Field Law Officer, said, “The railway division would be made at Rajbari soon. Railway Department will take possession of these occupied properties immediately after the activities of the division will be started. As a part of these activities, the Railway Minister visited the area some days ago.”