50 doctors in India succumb to COVID in 24hrs...

Dhaka, Tuesday   15 June 2021

50 doctors in India succumb to COVID in 24hrs

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 Published: 01:43 PM, 18 May 2021  



50 doctors in India have died of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, reports NDTV, citing Indian Medical Association (IMA), on Tuesday. 

According to the IMA, A total of 50 doctors died of Covid-19 on Sunday. So far, 244 doctors have died in the second wave of the virus. Bihar has the highest number of 69 people. Besides, 34 doctors died in Uttar Pradesh and 27 in Delhi.

“960 doctors have died so far in India,” the report said, adding that 736 doctors have died in the country in the first wave of coronavirus. Of the doctors who died in the second wave, only “three percent” took the full dose of the vaccine.

So far, 66 percent of health workers have received full doses of the vaccine in the last five months. The IMA says “it is continuing to do everything possible to encourage doctors to get vaccinated.’

“It is unfortunate that we lost 50 doctors across India on Sunday and 244 doctors in the second wave since the first week of April,” IMA General Secretary Dr. Jayesh Lele told NDTV.

According to IMA data, many doctors have not yet been vaccinated and the agency will do its best to ensure that all the doctors on the frontline are vaccinated, he said. 

“Secondly, we want to highlight that the number of doctors is less in the country and they have to do extra work,” he also said, adding that they sometimes work “48 hours straight without a rest”. 

This increases the risk and eventually, they become infected. The government needs to take steps to strengthen healthcare, said Dr. Jayesh Lele.

The IMA also said that at least 1000 doctors have died so far by the Covid-19. The actual number may be even higher. The IMA alone keeps a record of about three and a half lakh members. There are more than 12 lakh doctors in India.