Alexa 5 magic ways for long-dense hair

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5 magic ways for long-dense hair

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 Published: 09:08 PM, 1 January 2020  

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Hair enhances beauty for both men and women as well as it affects personality also. This is why it is important to take a little care when it comes to hair care. The tactics of hair caring vary according to hair types. In order to keep the health of the hair healthy, both men and women must adhere to the five important things: -

1) For beautiful hair, you should first look at the food. Green vegetables and fruit juices are extremely effective for the hair. You can eat milk and fresh yogurt for healthy, glowing hair as well as coconut also helps to make the hair healthy.

2) You do Never kempt the hair when wet, use a large-tooth comb to remove hair follicles but it would be best if you can use a wooden comb. You have to try deep conditioning treatment once a week as well as you must avoid using harsh chemicals in hair care.

3) You can massage with hot oil at least 2 to 3 times a week that is necessary to keep wetness at the base of the hair, coconut and mango oil can be used for massaging. Massaging the hair from the top to the base with the fingers as well as message the oil at least an hour before shampooing.

4) Fatigue or stress is detrimental to hair color and health. So you can use various techniques like meditation, music therapy to stay stress-free.

5) It is best not to try to dry wet hair with a dryer that makes hair unkempt. Moreover, the base of the hair may also become dry.