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5 important advice of Muhammad (PBUH)

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 Published: 06:07 PM, 14 October 2019  

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Mishkat Sharif narrated that Muhammad (PBUH) emphasized to give importance to the following five issues when he gave advice to a person:

  1. Youth before getting old.
  2. Health before being ill.
  3. Solvency before being poor.
  4. Leisure period before being busy.
  5. Life before death.

There is more in the hadith, “Wisdom is the lost wealth of the believer. Time or Longevity is the best blessing by the Almighty Allah. There will be questions about every blessing in the trial of Allah in the plains of Hashar.” 

In this regard, Allah says in the Holy Quran:

“Then on that day, you will be questioned about every blessing” (Sura: Takasur, verse: 8).