3 women heading an Upazila...

Dhaka, Wednesday   03 June 2020

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3 women heading an Upazila

 Rifat Ahmed Russell, Durgapur daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 10:59 AM, 8 March 2020   Updated: 02:22 PM, 8 March 2020

Farzana Khanam, Jannatun Ferdous and Mahmuda Sharmin Nelly

Farzana Khanam, Jannatun Ferdous and Mahmuda Sharmin Nelly

Women are not sitting at home today; women are running around the world. Although women’s participation in all the activities in Bangladesh has increased, due to social responsibility and religious prejudice, some people are trying to keep the women behind in the rural areas yet. However, women overcome this obstacle and show their working mindset.

The picture of the success of women is seen across the country today. Such a successful and woman-friendly upazila is Durgapur in Netrokona. Three women are serving with skill and reputation in the three important positions like UNO (Farzana Khanam), Upazila Parishad Chairman (Jannatun Ferdous Ara Zhuma) and Assistant Police Superintendent (Mahmuda Sharmin Nelly).

Durgapur is an upazila near the Garo hills of Meghalaya and on the banks of the rivers. This upazila of about 293 square kilometers, is a paradise for tourists and businessmen. So administratively there is a big challenge. To meet this challenge, these three women have undergone transformations in all areas, including law and order situation with their joint efforts.

UNO Farzana Khanum

Women who are left behind in the rural areas of this upazila today have opened their minds to the women officers and say they have different problems. Child marriages have also fallen to zero in a joint effort of three women in this upazila. And students are able to go to schools safely.

Students of Suang college said, "We dream of doing something big.”But many times it is not because of social responsibility. But the way the women are leading in the three important posts of this upazila inspires us most. Moreover, we can easily present our problems to them.”

Upazila Parishad Chairman Jannatun Ferdous Ara Zuma

Lawyer Manesh Saha says women are more honest than men in the workplace. Also, a woman performs all the tasks seriously. Since there are women officers in important posts of the upazila, even the simplest women in the village can easily point out their problems to them. Therefore, it is important to have a female officer in one of the important posts of every upazila in Bangladesh.

UNO Farzana Khanam said the three of us are working hard to bring Durgapur to the peak of development. Besides, we have been doing all the upazila parishad very seriously. On this Women's Day, for the women of the new generation, I want to say never see yourself as a woman, think as a human instead.


Assistant Police Superintendent Mahmuda Sharmin Nelly

Assistant Superintendent of Police Durgapur Circle Mahmuda Sharmin Nelly said there is no place for women and men to think differently in legal aid. In this case, the first thing we have to take into account is Quick Response. We never think that girls will get little legal service or men will get a little more by gender decriminalization. We are always striving to provide equal service to men and women.

Upazila Parishad Chairman Jannatun Ferdous Ara Zhuma said that Garo Hajong in Durgapur is bound together in social bonds. Nowadays girls are not far behind. Now, in all the things, girls and boys are equal, even in teaching or administrative level jobs. I do not think of myself as a woman, people have elected me their representative.

In this case, as a woman, the women fallen behind in the villages can easily point out their problems to me, and it’s a matter of happiness for me.