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3 ways to reduce kids` obesity

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 Published: 09:46 PM, 30 December 2019  

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The number of child obesity has increased dramatically in recent years in our country. Comprehensively overweight problem is more in girls than boys. For most children, overweight is the result of unhealthy eating patterns (too many calories) and too little physical labor. Since these habits are established in childhood, efforts to prevent obesity should begin early.

Children can be encouraged to adopt healthy eating behaviors and be physically active when parents:

> Focus on good health, not a certain weight goal. Teach and model healthy and positive attitudes toward food and physical labor without emphasizing body weight.

> Focus on the family. Do not set overweight children apart. Involve the whole family and work to gradually change the family’s physical activity and eating habits.

> Establish daily meal and snack times and eating together as frequently as possible. Make a wide variety of healthful foods available based on the Food Guide Pyramid for Young Children. Determine what food is offered and when, and let the child decide whether and how much to eat.

Plan sensible portions. Use the Food Guide Pyramid for Young Children as a guide.

Source: Department of New York State Health