3 liquids to reduce weight

Dhaka, Monday   06 April 2020


3 liquids to reduce weight

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 Published: 06:02 PM, 10 February 2020  

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Getting fatty is a difficult issue, once you start gaining weight it becomes difficult to lose weight. Weight can gains for a variety of reasons, however, one of the reasons for weight gain is excessive eating and not getting enough sleep at night.

Various diseases in the body can easily be seen due to overweight. Therefore, weight control is very important. So today we will come to learn about three liquid foods that will reduce the weight if you eat before going to bed at night.


Milk contains a lot of calcium and tryptophan, that’s why it is better to take cold or hot milk before sleeping. As a result, physical and mental stress will be reduced with reducing weight.

Soy Milk

Low-calorie rich soymilk contains amino acids and tryptophan. These ingredients help to have good sleep and lose weight. In addition, soy milk produces beneficial hormones in the brain, which reduces excess weight.

Grape Juice

Fresh grapefruit juice reduces weight. Therefore, drinking a glass of grapefruit before going to bed at night will help you to sleep better and reduce excess fat.