26th death anniversary of Zafar Iqbal today

Dhaka, Wednesday   08 April 2020


26th death anniversary of Zafar Iqbal today

 Staff Correspondent Daily-Bangladesh

 Published: 03:31 PM, 27 April 2018  

Jafar Iqbal

Jafar Iqbal

One of the most popular actors, musicians and freedom fighter in the golden period of Dhaka movie, Evergreen actor Jafar Iqbal. Today, on 27 April 1992, he died on this day. He was a popular actor of the eighties of the decade. His elder brother Anwar Parvez and younger sister Shahnaz Rahmatullah. They both are musicians.

Actor Zafar Iqbal popular filmstar from the time of the liberation war till the nineties. Shortly after his career, he became one of the most important figures of Dhaliwood. He became the centre of the audience after Khan Ataur Rahman`s `Apon Por`.

Iqbal learned to play the guitar in the 1960s. He formed his own band Rambling Stone in 1966 with two of his friends. The band used to perform regularly at the hotel InterContinental Dhaka. Music director Robin Ghosh hired him as a session guitarist for his upcoming film Pitch Dhala Poth. During one of those shows, director Khan Ataur Rahman met Iqbal and offered him work as an actor in a lead role for the film `Apan Por`

Zafar Iqbal has played in 150 films. Some of his notable films are `Apon Por`, ` Shadharon Meye `, `Eki Onge Eto Rup`, `Ferari`, `Mastan`, `Ek Mutho Bhat`, `Surjo Grohon`, `Fakir Maznu Shah`, `Noyoner Alo`, `Bodnaam`, `Abujh Hridoy`, `Bhai Bondhu`, `Shontrash`, `Chorer Bou`, `Obodan`, `Mama Bhagne`, `Shonkhonil Karagar`, and others.

Zafar Iqbal was a freedom fighter, artist, and a crazy lover outside the actress. Iqbal was married to Sonia. Together they had two sons, Shahdab and Zain.

Even though he was a father to two sons and was married, he was deeply in love with his co-star in more than 30 films – Bobita. His obsession for the alluring actress had become an open secret. To numb his pain, he started to drink heavily. It landed him in ICU once, where he famously asked the doctor after waking up: “give me a beer please.”

`Love` is a suicide thing, so Jafar Iqbal ends up being killed himself. At that time, song `Sukhe Thako O Amar Nandini` was a classic hit.

Meanwhile, drinking alcohol of a failed lover is an issue of an indispensable lover. At one time his heart and kidneys became out of order. The talented actor and musician died early at the age of 40, in 1992. He was laid to rest in Azimpur cemetery.

When his last film was released, a month after his death, the audience cried at the theatre, specifically when his character asked for directions to Azimpur. Strangely, it seemed, the character in the film knew about the actor’s impending fate.