250-bed hospital now 150-bed!

Dhaka, Wednesday   08 April 2020


250-bed hospital now 150-bed!

 Tabibor Rahman, Jashore Daily-Bangladesh

 Published: 10:14 PM, 22 April 2018  

Pic: Daily Bangladesh

Pic: Daily Bangladesh

The Jashore 250-bed hospital has now become 150 beds.

This condition has been created in the hospital after the announcement of abandonment of an abandoned building in the 100-odd bed eight months ago. Due to a building being unused, other buildings are under pressure and as a result, Patients have to suffer.

The 78-year-old Jashore`s 250-bed General Hospital has been announced to be abandoned eight months ago. In the 4th ward of the two-storied building, double occupancy of one hundred beds has been admitted.

On July 27, 2017, cracks and wall cracks occur on the roof of the building. When the panic became alarmed in the hospital, it was immediately informed to the Public Works Department. To avoid accidents, they placed bamboo poles on the roof of the building. Then on 8 August of that year, the ban was imposed by the Public Works Department and declared by the Public Works Department. 

As a result, the patients in the building were removed from other places where male surgery, orthopaedic, gyne and female medicine ward were removed and placed in the next to the Patiya Kalyan Samity office. Now, these patients have to be stuffed in these places.

When talking with one of the patients relative, Asheron Nesa of Manirampur said she came to see her sister Bibiron Nesa. Asheron Nesa alleged that the doctors do not come here properly and there is a lot of mismanagement, and the patient is getting sick rather than recovering.

The status of the room next to the Office of the Patient Welfare Association is also the same. Patients who are lying on the floor in the row here. Mosquito-fly and cotta torture are inexhaustible. 

In this ward, we also talked with Mizanur Rahman. He said he does not have the capability to take higher treatment; Otherwise, I would not have been here.

Meanwhile, the hospital authorities say that, without spending money behind the risky building reform, they favour the expansion of the mainstream. Letters have been sent to the health and family welfare ministry for approval.

On the other hand, Deputy Assistant Engineer of Public Works Department of JashorePublic Works Department, Tariqul Islam said, the time and money will be wasted if the construction of the new building is done in the place of abandoned building. Due to this, the hospital authorities sent a proposal to the Health and Family Welfare Ministry six months before the construction of the fourth floor of their administrative building. But there is still no response to this.

Hospital Director Dr Abul Kalam Azad Litu said, he recently joined in this hospital. However, he will try to ease the patient`s sufferings, he said.