25 killed in Delhi violence, wicked people leaving homesteads

Dhaka, Saturday   04 April 2020


25 killed in Delhi violence, wicked people leaving homesteads

Journos being harassed by pants off

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 Published: 11:05 PM, 26 February 2020  

India violence

India violence

The death toll from the worst religious violence of decades in Delhi, the capital city of India, has risen to 25. More than 200 people were injured, including at least 70 people shot, during the violence in three days last. The Hindu extremists are also harassing Journalists by undressing for the scrutinization of whether he is Muslim or Hindu.

The death toll in the worst religious violence to hit India's capital in decades has risen to at least 25, according to a health official.

The violence was triggered after Muslims protesting against a discriminatory citizenship law were attacked.

Violence continues in Delhi, which has become a battlefield. Tensions are erupting in the riotous northeast of the city. The uncomfortable silence descended somewhere.

In many parts of northeast Delhi, houses and shops and even mosques and shrines have been set on fire. Fearful people are leaving their homes in fear of worsening the situation.

Section 144 has been issued in violent areas of the city. In addition, security forces have been ordered to shoot only after seeing the rioters.

Women have been protesting for the last two months against the controversial Citizenship Act (CAA) in Delhi's Shahinbagh. Protests began at Jaffarabad Metro station last Saturday night after the authorities took initiative to open the closed road due to the strike. Responding to this, Delhi BJP leader Kapil Mishra tweeted, calling for CAA supporters to gather at Mojpur Chak, about one kilometer away from the location, at around 1 pm. After that provocation by the pro-Hindu activist Kapil, violence got new levels. The raids were carried out at Muslim shops, including the mosque. Many people were killed in this.

US President Trump made his first visit to India the day after the conflict began. Four people, including a police constable, were killed that day.

Analysts say the situation has been embarrassing for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as Trump's visit is strained by news of the violence.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has held three meetings in the last 24 hours in the wake of the violence. The meeting was attended by IPS officer SN Srivastava. He was appointed a special police commissioner on Tuesday after the situation took a serious turn.

British media reports on the situation in Delhi, Muslim religions in the Mustafabad area of ​​northeast Delhi are leaving home with bags and bags in fear of violence again. The victims of religious violence have accused the Delhi Police of encouraging the pro-Hindu activists during the violence.

Qatar-based news media Al-Jazeera reported that Delhi's religious violence was in serious shape. Terrified ordinary people no longer feel safe in their own homes. They are leaving their homes and leaving Delhi in the wake of the violence. Not only Muslims but Hindus are also on this list.

A Muslim resident in Delhi, who was reluctant to disclose his name, told the British Media Daily Guardian, "Yesterday they (a group of Hindu extremists) came with a pro-Hindu slogan and set everything on fire." Then they looted all the goods from the shops and set fire to the mosque and then set fire to the two houses next to it.”

Meanwhile, the body of a detective officer was recovered from a drain in Chandbag area of ​​Delhi on Wednesday. Earlier yesterday, a police officer was also killed in the violence. A total of 26 people, including three from the same family, were reported.

Meanwhile, a group of about 500 Hindu extremist youths on Tuesday hoisted a Hanuman flag at the Minatare of a mosque in Ashoknagar area.

Journalists are also being harassed in various ways including scrutinizing after the pants off.

The BBC says the Muslims are being attacked in the Indian capital, New Delhi. Meanwhile, Congress president Sonia Gandhi, the country's main opposition party, has demanded the resignation of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, taking responsibility for the riots.

The authorities concerned have suspended the board examination in the wake of the violence in Delhi. Besides, almost all public schools in the city are closed.