Alexa 21 lakhs SIMs closed in midnight last

Dhaka, Monday   21 October 2019


21 lakhs SIMs closed in midnight last

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 Published: 11:51 AM, 26 April 2019   Updated: 12:37 PM, 26 April 2019

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21 lakhs SIM of the country’s all operators were closed on Friday midnight. According to the pre-declared rules of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), the large number of SIMs were closed.

Sources informed the BTRC's instruction was that - more than 15 registered SIMs cannot be placed against the same national identity card. But it has been found that the number of SIMs registered in the same ID over 15 is 21 lakhs.

These SIMs were closed on Friday midnight. There are 4 lakh 61 thousand 261 grameenphone subscribers, 4 lakh 55 thousand 831 Banglalink, 4 lakh 19 thousand 202 Robi, 2 lakh 25 thousand 741 airtel and 4 lakh 87 thousand 892 Teletalk. Earlier, BTRC has instructed all operators to stop these SIMs by April 26.

Another source said the BTRC took the decision after meeting with all the operators of the country. According to that decision, the BTRC asked them to provide information about these sims and national ID card to the operators.

In the meantime, the operators informed the BTRC that they will reduce the number of SIM to 15 against each national identity card by contacting the customer on the basis of that information.

Hence, the BTRC declared to close all those Sim, and accordingly it informed all the operators to implement the directive by 26th April.

Regarding this matter, the BTRC chairman told the media, that the effort will be more customer friendly in the use of mobile SIM and this sector will be more disciplined.