21 including children killed in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza...

Dhaka, Sunday   20 June 2021

21 including children killed in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza

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 Published: 09:53 AM, 11 May 2021   Updated: 02:53 PM, 11 May 2021

Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza Strip after Monday evening local time; Photo: Collected

Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza Strip after Monday evening local time; Photo: Collected

At least 21 Palestinians, including children, have been killed in Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip. Several people were injured at the time. 

The incident took place shortly after Monday evening local time.

According to Al Jazeera, citing the Palestinian health ministry, rockets were launched at Israel from the Hamas-inhabited coastal area of Gaza on Monday afternoon. Later in the evening, the Israeli air force launched a series of airstrikes in northern Gaza, killing 21 people including 9 children. There is also extensive damage to various installations.

Israeli military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus told the British media outlet BBC that they (Israeli forces) had launched an attack on “military targets” in Gaza.

In response to the attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “Hamas had crossed the line of tolerance”. As they crossed the red line, Israel began to “retaliate”. “Israel will retaliate with maximum force. Those who will attack Israel must pay the ultimate price,” he also said.

For three days in a row, the Zionist Israeli army has been attacking innocent Palestinian worshipers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

A group of Israeli soldiers entered Al-Aqsa with arms on Monday morning. They also opened fire on Palestinians who resisted.

Palestinians are protesting in Jerusalem. At the time, an Israeli has lifted a private car moving over the protesters. The video shows an Israeli driving violently over a Palestinian protester. Others who were there later protested. Later, an Israeli policeman came and fired at the Palestinians to “protect the attacker”.

Earlier in the morning, Israeli forces fired tear gas and sound grenades at Al-Aqsa besides firing. The Palestinian Red Crescent says more than half a hundred Palestinians have been injured.

In 1967, the Israelis occupied a part of Jerusalem. To commemorate this day, the Jews take out a flag procession in Jerusalem on May 10 every year. On Monday morning, the Zionists took out a flag procession to capture Al-Aqsa. They clashed with the Palestinians at the time.