202 school without Head Master

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202 school without Head Master

 Fatin Ishrak Nion Daily-Bangladesh

 Published: 02:43 PM, 24 April 2018  

The primary education system in different upazilas and metropolitan cities of Rajshahi has been broken. The activities of primary schools are being carried out by the Acting Head Master in these upazilas.

It is learned that despite the appointment of teachers promoted against vacant posts in the other districts of the division, due to lack of supervision of Rajshahi primary education office and inadequacy, 202 teachers of the district headmaster are deprived. Due to lack of steps, many people are going to retire without getting promotions. Besides, teachers are being deprived of right because of Rajshahi District Education Office.

According to sources, 202 Head Master in the primary schools of Paba, Mohanpur, Godagari, Charghat, Bagha, Tana, Bagmara, Putia, Durgapur and Metropolitan districts have been vacant long been vacant.

Teachers in the list of promotions are not able to put their mind in the school. About one and a half years they are suffering from zero promotional instability. Other teachers are also not looking after the fact of being in charge of the head teacher.

An unnamed teacher, who is on the promotion list, said that this situation has been going on for almost a year and a half. Although promoted to other districts, the divisional district of Rajshahi is still behind.

According to sources, due to the retirement of the head teachers over the years, these school head posts became vacant. So far, the recruitment process has not started.

The district office sent the files at the appropriate time from different Upazila Education Offices. And this time has become the teacher of the promoted teachers of Rajshahi district.

According to multiple teachers, the administrative activities of the school cannot be managed properly due to the absence of the head teacher`s position. Assistant teachers` posts are vacant as well. Many others are doing PTI. This is a problem for students. They are getting a lot of speed to provide their students with the normal education.

Meanwhile, the District Education Office wants to avoid liability by releasing the status of promotions to the DG and the ministry.

A teacher apologized, said Rajshahi district divisional district. But we are lagging behind in every direction because of not giving voice to Rajshahi. Maybe the teachers of the district are promoted as MPs of other districts, ministers are contacting the ministry.

Anonymous said, "A teacher said that the present government is giving enough opportunities to primary school teachers. Being a headteacher is respect and dignity.

A member of Primary Teachers` Association of Poba Upazila said the head teachers have to be busy with monthly meetings, reports and cemeteries. Assistant teachers teach students. If not the head teacher, the assistant teachers of the school has to do administrative work. This makes it difficult to read properly. They also have to take extra classes due to the teacher crisis. That is why teachers become extra stressed.

Among the nine upazilas, there are 19 seats in Pabah, 19 in Mohanpur, 19 in Godagari, 41 in Bagmara, 24 in Puthia, 17 in Bagha, 27 in Charghat, 21 in Durgapur, 11 in Durgapur and 4 in the city.

District Primary Education Officer Nafisa Begum denied the delay in the district education office and said that the headmaster of the primary schools in all schools controls the headmaster. For this reason, if the head teacher is not created in schools, then it is normal. Senior officials have been informed about the problem of teachers.

Daily Bangladesh/Sohug