141 killed in a day in Myanmar crackdown...

Dhaka, Saturday   17 April 2021

141 killed in a day in Myanmar crackdown

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 Published: 11:13 AM, 28 March 2021   Updated: 04:00 PM, 28 March 2021



Myanmar has seen the most violent crackdown in its history when the ruling military junta put a show of its strength on pro-democracy protesters on Saturday, shooting 141 people to death in a day. 

Before Saturday, in a televised message, the junta government warned that anyone protesting on Saturday would be shot in the “head and back”. Ignoring their warning, the protesters took to the streets. As a result, the armed forces of the junta government stormed on them.

According to local media reports, 141 people were killed in a single day by the armed forces on Saturday. Among them is a 21-year-old police officer – who took off his rank and took part in the protest with the general people.

The deaths occurred in 44 of the eight cities in 15 regions of the country. Among them, Yangon and Mandalay have the highest number of deaths. In these two big cities, 23 and 29 people shot dead, respectively.