12-year-old boy discovers dinosaur fossil of 69 million-year ago...

Dhaka, Friday   23 October 2020

12-year-old boy discovers dinosaur fossil of 69 million-year ago

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 Published: 04:50 PM, 17 October 2020  

Nathan Hrushki with his father

Nathan Hrushki with his father

A 12-year-old boy named Nathan Hrushkin unknowingly discovered a 69 million-year-old dinosaur fossil while hiking with his father.

Last July, he went on a trip with his father, Dion Hrushkin, to Alberta, Canada. That area is rich in fossils of extinct animals. The seventh-grader Nathan may have done the ‘best thing in life’ while touring.

The excavation of the discovered skeleton was completed on Thursday.

Nathan said, when he first laid eyes on the bones, he was “literally speechless”.

“I wasn’t even excited, even though I know I should have,” he said. “It’s pretty amazing to find something that’s like real, like an actual dinosaur discovery,”

Nathan has been interested in dinosaurs since he was six years old. That’s why he often travels Canada’s protected site in the Albertan Badlands with his father.

Last year’s event. Nathan and his father came to visit and saw small fragments of fossils. Dion Hrushkin thought that they might have washed down from above the hill.

That’s why Nathan came to see the area again this summer. A lot of bones came out from one side of the rock hill.

Seeing this, Nathan called his father and said, “Dad, you got to get up here!” Nathan’s father, Dion, said they looked like “bones made of stones”- you could not mistake them for anything else.

Nathan knew that the fossils were protected by law. That means they have to follow some rules to get these, they need permission. Back at home, Nathan goes to the Royal Tyrrell Museum’s website.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum’s authority asked to send a picture of the fossil they saw and determine the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Badland is considered a kingdom of fossils. The fossil of a dinosaur named Albertosaurus was found here in the 18th century.

However, the area where Nathan and his father informed the museum authorities had never heard of fossils in the area.

That’s why they sent a team of experts to rescue the bones. So far, they have found 30 to 50 bones from the walls of the rocky mountain.

All are bones of a young Hadrosaur, whose estimated age 3 or 4 years.

In a statement, the museum’s ecology curator said, “This young Hadrosaur is a very important discovery because it comes from a time interval for which we know very little about what kind of dinosaurs or animals lived in Alberta. Nathan and Dion’s find will help us fill this big gap in our knowledge of dinosaur evolution.”

Nathan said, “It’s going to be great to see them, after months of work, finally take something out of the ground.”