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High risk of Railway crossings

 Karim Ishak, Rajbari Correspondent

 Published: 07:33 PM, 7 November 2018   Updated: 07:33 PM, 7 November 2018

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

There are no gatemen at 68 of 88 rail crossings in Rajbari. People are crossing these risky roads and accidents are taking place regularly. 11 accidents took place within last ten months. Four people had been died at Sholakura point of Kalukhali-Bhatipara railway recently.

According to Bangladesh Railway Assistant Deputy Engineer office, 53km of Goalundo Ghat to Machpara, 12km of Pachuria to Basantpur and 25km of Kalukhali to Naliagram railways are being used.

There are three types of rail crossing in which some of them have barrier and gateman, some of them have only gateman and most of them don’t have anything where pedestrians cross the roads with their own risk.

14 rail crossing found between Goalundo Ghat to Pangsha Upazila’s Machpara railway where 11 crossings are under the supervision of gateman but there was no gateman in rest others.

On the other hand, 6 rail crossing found between Pachuria-Bashantpur and no gateman seen at all.

18 rail crossing found at Rajbari part of Kalukhali Bhatipara where only 4 are under the supervision of gateman and other 14 don’t have either gateman neither barrier. At least 50 illegal crossing seen around Rajbari where pedestrian pass the roads with their own risk.  

Bhabanipur villager Liton Sheikh said, “Distance between Dry ice factory to Gangaprasadpur rail bridge is less than one km but four rail crossings could be found here and being curved area none can see moving train as a result accidents are taking place frequently. A gateman has been recruited recently but none pays any heed to him.”

Rajbari GRP Thana officer-in-charge (OC) Solyman Mollah said, “Everyone should be more serious while crossing the roads.”

Rajbari Railway department deputy engineer Abdul Hanif said, “Higher authority will be informed about this issue.”

DC Shaukat Ali said, “Railway is an isolated department, we will inform to supreme authority.”