1 metre space between people enforced in Italy as death mounts to 79...

Dhaka, Saturday   06 June 2020

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1 metre space between people enforced in Italy as death mounts to 79

 Ismail Hossain Swapan, Italy Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 02:10 PM, 4 March 2020   Updated: 04:13 PM, 4 March 2020

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Photo: DailyBangladesh

The number of people infected with the COVID-19 virus is increasing in Italy. So far, the death toll from coronavirus has risen to 79. In addition, more than 2,502 people have been identified infected with the lethal coronavirus in the country so far, the Italian civil protection agency confirmed on Tuesday. To reins the spread, the government has instructed people to keep the one-meter distance at least between two persons.

Meanwhile, concerned experts are apprehensive of increasing the number of people infected in Italy.

Venice in Italy

So far, 160 people suffering from coronavirus have returned home after treatment in the country, the health ministry said.

The Italian government has taken several steps to prevent Covid-19. The country's government has announced the closure of schools, colleges and universities in Lombardy, Veneto, Piedmont, and Venetia in Italy on Monday. The Venice Festival in Italy has been announced shut. Besides, football leagues, night clubs, and museums are also closed.

Unless urgently, the country's health ministry has directed the public to avoid public places and travel. All public meeting areas have been instructed to keep the one-meter distance between two people.

Given the situation in Italy, all neighboring countries have already closed the border.

It is reported that coronavirus is also terrorized in the cities of Italy, including migrants from different countries. About two lakh Bangladeshis live in different cities in Italy.

Tuhin Mahmud of Madaripur has been living in Milan, Italy for a long time. He said that in Italy so far 79 people have died of coronavirus and 160 people have been recovered. And most of those who died were infected with old-age complexities. The number of people infected with the virus will increase but there is no cause for fear. Many people are getting recovered with normal treatment.

Prominent Italian doctors say those who have cough, colds, and shortness of breath should be more careful. These symptoms are more prevalent in the elderly, and they are more vulnerable to coronavirus infection due to a lack of immunity. This time of the year in Italy, the number of illnesses remains high. So there is no reason to panic. Everyone has to be careful.

Vegetable  market in Italy

Bangladesh's ambassador to Italy, Abdus Sobhan Sikder, has urged the Bangladeshi expatriates in the country to be extra careful as the spread of coronavirus in Italy is turning an epidemic state. "You will avoid public meetings, try to use masks while traveling on buses, trams and other vehicles, and be clean," he said. At the same time, “if you are experiencing coronary symptoms, you will contact Italy's toll-free numbers 1500 and 1200 immediately,” he advised also.

Abdus Sobhan Sikder said the embassy is in constant contact with the Italian Ministry of Health, saying the coronavirus has spread to the northern cities of the country. Several death incidents were also reported. In this situation, the embassy is ready to take steps to solve any problem of the expatriate Bangladeshis, he stated also.

Abdus Sobhan Sikder urged the expatriate Bangladeshis not to panic and to patiently deal with the situation. Referring that there is no order to keep the embassy close, the ambassador said, service of the embassy is running normally. Those who are coming to the service are being alerted and all the officials are aware.

The ambassador urged Bangladeshi expatriates to report to the Rome Embassy Help Dex number 333 744 1690, 389 475 6902. Besides if they suspect that someone is infected with coronavirus; He has also requested to be contacted at the Consulate General of Bangladesh, Milan (349 4305 & 320 224 4829).