Alexa 1 litr Ice cream box weighing 65 gms

Dhaka, Saturday   21 September 2019


Ice cream weight confusion

1 litr Ice cream box weighing 650 gms

 Abdullah Al Mamun and Sohail Rahman

 Published: 06:38 PM, 11 September 2019   Updated: 09:55 PM, 11 September 2019

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Photo: DailyBangladesh

There is none who don't like ice cream. But after buying this favorite food, did you weight it ever? The ice cream available in the market has no real resemblance to the weight written on the box. Most ice cream boxes do not have nearly half the weight.

In this regard, several areas in the capital, including Uttara, Khilkhet, Mirpur, Dhanmondi, Farmgate, Badda, Gulshan, Mohakhali, have been found that, most Ice cream companies including Polar, Igloo, Quality Ice cream have written weight 1 liter on its box. As a result it should be 900 grams slightly less or plus. But the real scenario is totally reversed. Almost all of the companies have less than 700 grams ice cream in their one litter box. After measuring in digital meter, some found 650, 645, 677 grams.

Consumers say ice cream companies are stealing public goods. Consumers have been questioning the quality of the food in view of such a fraud in weight. Vendor also malicious production companies.

Rubaiya Islam, a resident of Dhanmondi in the capital, purchased a liter of Igloo ice cream boxes for the purpose of visiting her relative's house. She placed the ice cream box on a digital meter measuring weight, and there were 645 grams instead of 1 liter. Then, she took a Polar company’s ice cream and weight saw it contains 700 grams instead of 1liter and 200 grams.

Meanwhile, in a super shop called Anand Bazar in Panthapath area in the capital, a Quality company’s one liter ice cream box shows 677 grams in digital meter. The shopkeeper was also surprised. He said “I did think so never.” He said that it would usually be 900 gram per liter.

One person in the area of ​​Gulshan, Rabiul Islam said, “I have taken a box of Quality ice cream. Now I see that there is no similarity with the weight written on its box.” They are openly robbing he also said.

In addition, on Polar Ice Cream's Facebook page, there was a storm of protest from ice cream lovers. It turns out that everyone is complaining that ice cream companies are stealing weight. Whenever Polar is giving an offer, consumers are commenting on the offer “give the right first, then offer it.

In this regard, sellers said, "We sell what the manufacturer or Supply Company is offering. We have nothing to do, because there is no system that anyone can sell it making out of the box. All the shopkeepers claim they have no offence behind it. The company supplies the goods. They sell the box at a fixed price by the company. Upon expiry, the company's salesmen withdraw them. Consumers never buy ice cream by weight.

In this regard, Sumit Chakraborty, brand manager of Igloo Ice Cream, said the weight of one liter of ice cream is world-class. According to BSTI, the weight of one liter of ice cream is usually 550 gram, 610 gram, 615 gram and 625 gram. He is reluctant to admit that the one liter ice cream should be more than 650 grams.

In charge of the Kachukhet-Cantonment Area of ​​Igloo Ice Cream, Babul told DailyBangladesh, “I had to answer too many of the allegations that you have raised. There is nothing to be confused about. This is the International Standard for Ice Cream Weight. BSTI is aware of this, he also added.

However, Mohammad Hanif, deputy director (CM) of BSTI, said the liter size is slightly lower than the size of the kg. “But I do not know if this is less than 150 'to 200’ grams.” He said if the ice cream of a company is found less than the weight of the contents, action could be taken against the company.

Quality ice cream AGM Ali Kabir said, liters of ice cream and liters of water are not same. One liter of water is 900 grams and one liter of ice cream is 560 grams.

Rezaul Haque, deputy director of BSTI, told Bangladesh on the issue, that ice cream is approved on an international scale. In this case, BSTI has no standards of its own. “We adhere to international standards only. As a result, if a company's weight of 1 liters of ice cream is less than 650 grams, we can take action against it.”
The weight of water and ice cream are not same. While the weight of the ice cream is assumed to be the density, everyone writes on the box in millimeters, he added.