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Father kills child, held hostage another in Bangla Motor

“Who called you, don’t come, I will bury my child at 1:00 pm”

 Idris Alam

 Published: 01:27 PM, 5 December 2018   Updated: 02:31 PM, 5 December 2018

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk


“Who called you? You do not need to come. I will bury my own child at 1:00 pm. Please go away,” such things said by Safayet’s father Kajol.

A three-year-old child has been ‘died’ at a house in Link Road, Bangla Motor area of the capital. The name of the deceased child is known as Safayet.

Police say that after receiving the news of the death of a child, they surround the house but at first, they were unable to enter the house. “Because, the child’s father, Nuruzzaman Kajol, is in the house with sharp weapons.”

The child died on the second floor of the house at Bangla Motor’s Link Road area on Wednesday morning. On information, members of the other units of the law and order including Shahbagh Police Station went to the spot.

Kajol’s relatives and neighbors said Kajol has two children. One is Safayet, elder one is Surayet. We heard the news of Safayet’s death and came to the spot. But couldn’t get in. The police did not even allow us to enter.

One of the neighbors said that Safayet was killed by his own father. Because Kajol is a drug addict. And when we try to enter the house, Kajol has come to us with sharp weapons.

Shahbagh Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Abul Hasan said, “I came to know about the death of a child. But at first, we couldn’t get inside the house. The child’s father, Kajol, is in there. We tried to get inside the house by using alternative ways.”  

A RAB-2 official said we arrested Kajol. He kept hostage one child. Another one was covered with shroud cloth and placed it on the table.

When we try to talk with Kajol, he said ‘Who called you? You do not need to come. I will bury my own child at 1:00 pm. Please go away’.”

“In the meantime, a mosque was announced there will be a Janaza at 1:00 pm.”

“He also said that Kajol had been addicted to drug addiction,” added SI Shahidul.