‘From guard to army to be in election process’

Dhaka, Thursday   23 May 2019

‘From guard to army to be in election process’

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 Published: 06:31 PM, 1 December 2018   Updated: 06:31 PM, 1 December 2018

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Urging the concerned government officials to do their job boldly in the election field, the Election Commissioner (EC) Rafiqul Islam said that from guard to army, everyone will be in the election process, so don’t get worried about your safety.

The commissioner gave a direction while speaking at a training session arranged for the government officials, who will train the presiding officers, at Nirbachan Bhaban in the city.

Mentioning that the casting of vote openly is illegal, he instructed the election officials not to allow such practice during the upcoming national election.

He said, “Someone may say I’ll cast my vote in public after you give him/her a ballot paper. Please don't allow anyone to do this.”

The election commissioner told the attendees to convey his message to the presiding and assistant presiding officers while giving them training. “Don’t allow it as such act is illegal and may raise questions about the election process, too.”

“Sometimes we see in media that some voters say their votes have already been cast although they didn’t exercise their franchise. If the officers perform their duty properly, it’ll not be possible for anyone to cast other's vote,” he said.

Mentioning that election duty means a duty for a day only, Rafiqul said, “We all will be questioned if the election is not held in a proper way. If you perform your duty properly, no one will be able to raise any question.”

Giving assurance to the trainers that members of law enforcement agencies will always be engaged with the election process, he further said, “Please don’t get worried about your safety. From guard to army, everyone will be in the election process.”

To maintain peace and the law and order, everyone should keep in contact constantly with law enforcement agencies, said the commissioner. “You’re real executors of the election. The Election Commission and the secretariat just make the election plan. Our honor is fully dependent on you as you'll perform all the election duties,” he further said.

The Election Commissioner advised to maintain regular communication with the law enforcement agencies for maintaining peace and order, the Election Commissioner said, “Keep in mind that they cannot go anywhere without your permission.”