Alexa ​​​​​​​Campaign ends, waiting for polls now

Dhaka, Monday   24 February 2020


DNCC polls 

​​​​​​​Campaign ends, waiting for polls now

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 10:50 AM, 27 February 2019   Updated: 02:15 PM, 27 February 2019

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The by-polls of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) for the mayoral post, general councilor and reserved women councilor in 36 ward of two cities will be held on Thursday. Already the candidates have finished the campaign. Now it’s time for the people’s verdict.  

Meanwhile, the Election Commission (EC) has prepared all the preparations to ensure the fair polling of one of the local government officials which have long been in legal process.

All types of election materials, including ballot papers, will reach the polling station before midnight on Wednesday. In the meantime, instructions have been given for the outsiders to leave the polling areas. 

The motorcycle use has been banned from midnight on Tuesday in the DNCC area. Bus, trucks and all types of vehicles will be closed from Wednesday night. Enforcement of adequate law enforcing agencies has been deployed to prevent irregularities and ensure fair polling. 

EC Secretary Md Helaluddin Ahmed said, “To ensure the fair and peaceful polling in both Dhaka North and South City Corporation polls, everything is needed to be done by the EC.  Law enforcement forces have been asked to take strict action to stop any kind of violence and irregularities in the elections.”

Dhaka North and South City Corporation elections were held on April 28, 2015. After 2.5 years of election, on November 30, 2017, DNCC Mayor Anisul Haque died in London. After his death, the mayoral post was vacant. On the other hand, in 2017, 36 (18) new wards were added in two cities. 

The EC announced a two-city schedule on January 22 after one year of the scheduled time due to the court’s sanctions. According to the schedule announced, DNCC mayoral, 36 wards polls of two cities will be held on February 28.   

Law enforcement forces on the field 

Law enforcement agencies have been deployed in two cities. Law enforcement personnel have started patrolling in two cities as a mobile and striking force since Tuesday morning.

Police, APBN, Battalion Ansar, BGB, Coast Guard and RAB will perform duties from the constituencies of February 26 to March 1. 25 Platoon BGB and 6 Platoon BGB is deployed in DNCC. Apart from this, four platoons and two platoons of BGB will be playing as Reserve force in two cities. 

Now, there are 19 members in every general center of two cities and 23 members of law enforcement agencies in the important centers will be deployed. Of these, there will be 4 armed police, 3 armed Ansar and 12 Ansar members in every common center.

On the other hand, in the important center, six out of 23 armed police, five armed Ansar and 12 Ansar members are deployed. Members of the mobile and striking force are also on the field for a total of four days, including two days before the polls, on the day of the vote and the day after the vote. As a striking force, outside the polling station, there are RAB, police and several Platoon BGB Reserve Forces.

Traffic ban 

The restrictions were imposed on the motorcycle movement without permission sticker from the constituencies in the election areas on Tuesday midnight. Also, from February 27 midnight to February 28, restrictions have been imposed on mechanized vehicles in the election area.

However, the vehicle will be moved on the Highway.  Fire services, ambulances, and postal services are also out of this direction. There will be general holidays in the electoral areas on the polling day.