‘City of Deaths’ Italy: Cause and analysis...

Dhaka, Wednesday   27 May 2020

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 ‘City of Deaths’ Italy: Cause and analysis

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 Published: 09:36 AM, 29 March 2020  

The death toll in Italy surpasses 10000 in 36 days

The death toll in Italy surpasses 10000 in 36 days

Italy is a European country plagued by coronavirus. There is no stopping this disaster. Death is on the rise. The virus is now being widespread in Italy following the outbreak in China. In the last 24 hours, 889 more people have died of COVID-19 in the country. According to estimates by Italy's Department of Health, the death toll in the country has exceeded 10,000 in just 36 days.

Italy has not been able to bring people back from the death of coronavirus despite various initiatives. The rate at which hundreds of people are dying every day is shocking. Experts have identified three major causes of prolongation of death line in Italy.

First, lockdown were issued in early March in most parts of the northern part of Italy. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the ban on whole Italy on March 9, as the situation continues to deteriorate. But the people of the country did not accept it. They didn’t comply with government order.  The government declares the provisions of jail and fine if disobey the ban order. Yet the man could not be kept in the house. This is why the number of coronavirus infection has increased exponentially.

In Italy, most of those who suffer from coronavirus infection are elderly. After Japan, the highest life expectancy is in Italy. The average expectancy in the country is 78 years. And elderly people are at the highest risk of coronavirus infection. Experts think this is the main reason. According to analysts, efforts to save Coronavirus victims in the country are failing because of this.

According to analysts, the number of dead and infected in Italy is much higher. Due to this, only 5,000 people are being tested every day in the country. The condition of those who are doing Corona test is even worse. At one time, health workers did not have adequate security measures. There was no necessary manpower. Because of that, they could not even go home and test. The number of victims has increased. The death toll has also increased. But the hope is that the number of infected people in the country is decreasing. The death toll may drop significantly this weekend.